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High Temperature & High Pressure Vertical Canned Motor Pump Capacity:Max. 1000m³/h Head:Max. 270m Output:Max. 430kW Application:Nuclear power project, petrochemical field Temperature:400℃
Product description: This series of products are high temperature and high pressure canned motor pump in nuclear industry, the design pressure up to 35MPa, and the design temperature up to 400 ℃. It can be designed and manufactured with multiple flow and head parameters. The circulating liquid of the motor cavity is forced by the auxiliary impeller to realize the lubrication of the bearing and the cooling of the motor. The temperature rise is taken away by an external heat exchanger. The special structure of the Adapter (also known as the "hot screen") can reduce the high temperature liquid in the pump cavity into the motor cavity. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, small vibration and noise, convenient maintenance, high reliability and high performance.